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Welcome, to Teddy Kniazewycz's Perry Rhodan Page!

Hi! My name is Teddy Kniazewycz, and I'm 13. You have just entered my personal web page on Perry Rhodan, a science fiction series from the 70's, that is still going on in Europe, Japan, Denmark, and Holland. If anyone has or knows where I can get a handheld scanner, I can send you a copy of the book over the computer. While I'm talking about stories, check out three stories and the PR summary on some of my other sites. Theses books were about 170 pages long. I have read 72 of these. This collection that I have is actually my fathers, and I am just reading them. I t is an excellent series about a commander of a space ship that meets an ancient race of aliens, and they go on many missions and trips, and even become immortal! Guess what now! Perry Rhodan is coming out in English again! Yes, it truly is. I reccomend you go to the English Perry Rhodan site(there's a link at the end of this page) and look for the subcription form. I am eagerly a waiting the arrival of the book. When I get it, I'll update my site. Thanks for coming to my site, and have a Perry wonderful day!

My Snazzy List of Links

Three Perry Stories: Stories off the web
The official Perry Rhodan Web Site: a German website with an English version- look for it!
Perry Rhodan Summary- up to present!: the Perry Rhodan summary
The English Perry Rhodan site: An interesting, all english Perry Rhodan site

Teddy Kniazewycz